Board of Directors

Ms. Linda Helen Rajpaul Chairman

Ms. Linda Helen Rajpaul was appointed as a Director to the Board of PEAPSL Consultancy Limited (PEAPSL) on 2015 October 27. She also serves as Director to the Board of Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited. Ms. Rajpaul holds a Bachelor of Law Degree (LLB) from the University of West Indies, as well as certification in Procurement, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Pension Administration from Keele University, Newcastle, U.K. Ms. Rajpaul is a Legal Consultant at B.D. Hewitt & Co. and Legal Advisor to the Port-of-Spain City Corporation. She also performed the roles of Corporate Secretary and Legal advisor/Officer to Trinidad and Tobago Oil Company (TRINTOC), Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT), The Vehicle Management Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (VMCOT), Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and to the Estate Management Business Development Company (EMBD) and a past director of Development Finance (Caribbean) Limited (DFL).

Dr. Zameer Mohammed

Dr. Zameer Mohammed is the Assistant Vice President of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) and Manager, Business Development and Marketing at National Energy Skills Centre, Trinidad Tobago Institute of Technology. Dr. Mohammed’s areas of expertise include Joint Venture and Strategic Alliances, Negotiations and Contract Management, Operations, Business Reengineering and Industrial Marketing and Organizational Transformation. Dr. Mohamed is also a Consultant and Senior Lecturer at Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business.

Mr. Selman-Carrington

Mr. Selman-Carrington is a former Commercial Analyst at BG Group plc (Royal Dutch Shell) with expatriate experience in Mergers, Acquisition and Assurance and Governance. In 2012 he was the recipient of an Organization of American States (OAS) scholarship and a China Scholarship Council award to study in the People's Republic of China. In 2014, he graduated with a MBA in Economics and Management from the University of Science and Technology, Beijing. Returning to Trinidad and Tobago and working out of the Ministry of Trade and Industry's Services Unit, he was assigned lead responsibility for developing Trinidad and Tobago's Trade Negotiations Strategy for Energy Services in partnership with the Ministries of Energy, and Foreign and Caricom Affairs and the Energy Chamber as part of the country's diversification efforts. Mr. Selman-Carrington is currently pursuing a LLB through the University of London.

Mr. Reynold Ajodhasingh

Reynold Ajodhasingh was appointed Director of the Board of PEAPSL Consultancy Limited on 18 September 2017. He holds a BSc Honours Degree in Industrial Management from the University of the West Indies. He is a Financial Consultant with expertise in Finance, Accounting, Control, Systems Implementation and Ethics and Compliance. Mr. Ajodhasingh has thirty-five (35) years’ experience in the oil and gas industry both locally and internationally, having worked in Trinidad, Egypt and Azerbaijan with Texaco, Amoco and BP. During his career he has held Executive Leadership positions managing large teams in diverse cultural settings, building talent, driving change and efficiency and delivering results with high standards of ethics, compliance and integrity. Mr. Ajodhasingh is an Associate Member of the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS), a Director of the Trinidad and Tobago International Finance Centre (TTIFC) and also the Chairman of Trinidad and Tobago Marine Petroleum Company Limited (TRINTOMAR).

Our Team

These are the people who make it happen.

Mr. Neil Parsanlal CEO

Mr. Parsanlal has a BA First Class Honours in Theology from the University of the West Indies. Counselling and psychology formed part of his studies for this degree and remained as an essential part of his career. Both disciplines form an integral part of the work of anyone involved in ministering to people, particularly when they are at their most vulnerable. His work, particularly with young people and at risk youth, has always involved a heavy counselling component, and therefore the studies became a natural corollary to what he was already doing. He later pursued post-graduate certification in Integrated Marketing Communications from the New York University and a MBA from the University of Liverpool with a specialization in Leadership Development.

He has held senior positions in both the private and public sector and worked at the highest level of Government as the Minister of Information. Other positions include Senior Consultant at Personnel Management Services Limited, Manager – Human Resources & Corporate Communications at ANSA McAl Financial Services Sector, Corporate Communications Officer- Neal and Massy Holdings Limited, Lecturer – Public Relations, Event Management & Protocol, Head of Communications at the Ministry of Education, the South West Regional Health Authority and Corporate Communications Officer at the Environmental Management Authority. He is also certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Training Trainers and Project Management.

Mr. Parsanlal also served as a Member of the Board of Directors at BWIA West Indies Airways from 2004, and the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) from December 2005. He is the current chairman of the Board of Directors at NALIS. Mr. Parsanlal also has extensive experience managing Corporate Resources having served as both Director and consultant at Personnel Management Services Ltd and Trinity Exploration.

Over the past decade he has spent most of his career in coaching and mentoring employees at levels of various organizations. More recently at Trinity Exploration and Productions Services Limited where he began as the Director, Human Resources where his role evolved to that of the resident EAP Specialist, providing counselling, coaching, mentoring and extensive training for all levels of staff.

Mr. Parsanlal’s requisite combination of experience and competence is definitely an invaluable asset to PEAPSL.

Mr. Parsanlal’s favourite quote is “If God is not yet finished with me, how can I judge you?”

Ms. Beverly Thomas Clinical Director, M.S. Social Work; BSc. Social Work

Ms. Beverly Thomas is an Internationally Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) and a serving member of the Trinidad and Tobago EAPA Branch. Ms. Thomas has extensive experience in the field of Social Work and is trained in Shelter Management, Mediation skills and Workplace Stress Management interventions. Ms. Thomas has also received formal training from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation to respond to individuals and groups who have been exposed to trauma. She is noted for the value she continues to bring to organizations particularly through organizational change management interventions, mediations, return to work conferencing, Critical Incident Response and Crisis Management, Relative Response Training for HR professionals, Conflict Management, Peer Support Training and Emotional Intelligence for leaders.

She has been providing EAP services at PEAPSL for the past fourteen years, the last seven of which she has been serving as Clinical Director. She considers her profession as her calling and the purpose for which she was made. Her desire is for clients to feel that they were really listened to and understood without being judged. It is important to her to function as a support to others to make necessary changes or reach important goals in their lives which is a testament to the field that she has chosen to dedicate her life to. She is committed to continuously learning from her experiences which contribute to improvement of her techniques and effectiveness in interacting with others. Her commitment to excellence in all aspects of her roles and functions ensures that she delivers quality service to those she serves in her professional capacity.

Sharon Bermudez M.S. Marital and Family Therapy, MBA (Executive)

Ms. Sharon Bermudez has a long history in the EAP field since she began her career in 1998 at Petrotrin’s EAP Department. In 1999 when the Department transitioned into the subsidiary company we know today as PEAPSL, she transitioned as well. Sharon's continuous career development is evident in her recent accomplishment of earning her qualification as a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP). Equipped with this additional tool, Ms. Bermudez provides short term counselling with individuals, couples and families on a range of issues that include parent-child conflicts, school and work problems, substance abuse, domestic violence, depression management and relationship difficulties. She has facilitated a number of workshops and outreaches aimed at improving organizational and personal effectiveness by the building of key interpersonal skills. She has also been certified in Basic and Advanced Critical Incident Stress Management, (CISM) and Crisis Response.

Ms. Bermudez is actively involved in her Church and is currently reading for a Master of Science in Pastoral Counselling from the ecumenical and interreligious institute, the “Graduate Theological Foundation,” based in Indiana. She aims to equip herself with the necessary skill-set to enable her to offer faith-based counselling. She also plans to pursue further studies in the field of ‘Spiritual Direction.’ Ms. Bermudez’s ultimate goal is to ensure that her clients feel that they are communicating with a respectful, genuine and engaged professional that is willing and capable of navigating them effectively through the difficult periods in their lives.

Specialty area:
Many persons are struggling with the impact of relationships on their lives. Whether it is relationship with parents and siblings (family of origin), difficulties with significant other and/or children (family of procreation), relationships with co-workers or friends, these difficulties have the capacity to affect how you feel, think and behave. Many times it wears you down and makes you feel ‘stuck,’ so that you find it difficult to keep up your everyday functioning. The field of ‘marital and family therapy’ is a specialized approach to dealing with these problems. As a ‘marital and family therapist’, (MFT) I recognize that the individual is always being influenced by the ‘system’ in which s/he lives (family, wider community) and works (workplace). Therefore, even when engaged in individual counselling, I always bear in mind how that ‘system’ can affect the person. Therapy is focused on seeking the outcome that is in the best interest of all parties affected by the problem. I provide counselling and therapy services to individuals, couples and families that aim at working alongside them to identify strategies to improve their relationships; make decisions that empower and create positive, lasting changes to their everyday life and implement life-style changes that increase their functional coping.

Cheryl Clarke M.S. Social Work, B.S. Social Work

Ms. Cheryl Clarke is a trained Social Worker with wide and varied experience in this field that has allowed her to assist clients from all walks of life. Her certifications in Supervisory Training, Anger Diffusion and Human Sexuality and Sexual Preference have broadened the scope of issues that she is able to address through her counselling. Her counselling experience includes, though not limited to, working as a Counselor for the Rape Crisis Society of Trinidad & Tobago, Social Worker at the Family Court Trinidad & Tobago, Medical Social Worker at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex and Social Worker with the Department of Social Services, Cayman Islands Government. During her time as a member of her church youth group persons were confiding in Ms. Clarke and seeking advice for personal issues. At that time she was not qualified to provide the type of guidance that they needed but she possessed the drive to be a provider of emotional support. She therefore decided to pursue a course in social work so that she could properly administer advice. Ms. Clarke’s approach to counselling allows clients an unprejudiced environment where respect and confidentiality is assured. Her empathy and her ability to make you feel comfortable are evident in her interaction with people. Apart from her unwavering spirituality, Ms. Clarke also enjoys sports, sewing and is particularly passionate about travelling.  

Specialty area: Domestic Violence and Rape
Domestic violence (spousal abuse, child abuse and elder abuse) and rape affect survivors and their families. Many people who experience abuse in childhood become enablers, involving themselves in a series of relationships that escalate into abuse and violence, others become perpetrators. Many more people carry scars from long ago violence. It affects their ability to function normally in the workplace and develop healthy relationships. My experiences as a counselor at the Rape Crisis in Trinidad and Tobago have contributed to my ability to working with domestic violence and rape survivors and their families. As a counselor my roles include:
  • Helping these individuals to develop positive self-esteem, identify relationship patterns and potential red flags, and behave with an appropriate level of assertiveness.
  • Supporting survivors and helping them to develop the skills they need to walk away from abusive relationships and live successfully on their own.
  • Working to stop the cycle of violence

Bernadette Cyrus M.S. Social Work; B.Sc Social Work

Ms. Cyrus obtained her Masters in Social Work from the University of the West Indies where she also volunteered as a practice teacher. She also holds certification in Mediation Skills, Domestic Violence Training Intervention, Voluntary Counselling & Testing and Critical Incident Stress Management. She has worked as a Social Welfare Advisor and a Medical Social Worker with government ministries and is now an EAP counsellor. During her studies Bernadette had special interest in training undergraduate students and has also presented papers at the National Aids Coordinating Committee Symposium. Her passion for people has fuelled her drive to pursue the field of counselling. She values her role in supporting persons who are negatively impacted by challenges and helps them to return to proper functioning. Ms. Cyrus believes that her duty as a counsellor is to guide her clients into solving their problems in an environment where they do not feel judged. Her combination of qualifications and experience allows' her to assist her clients through life’s difficulties and she is committed to restoring them to a better ‘self’.

Terrence Quamina B.Sc. Social Work

Mr. Quamina possesses 18 years of experience in the Medical Social Work field which has resulted in his considerable experience in venereal diseases and drug rehabilitation management. As a medical social worker he not only assisted clients with Psycho-Medical conditions but also worked with persons dealing with Marital, Domestic and other issues. His Medical Social work experience also involved working within communities namely the counties of Caroni, St Andrews/St David, and Nariva/Mayaro as well as all the major Public hospitals, Hansen’s Disease Control Unit, and Queen’s Park counselling Centre and Clinic. His experience in Drug rehabilitation Management was gained with working experience at the National Alcohol Drug abuse Prevention Programme (NADAPP). He also worked for 12 years as a Community Development Officer and joined PEAPSL in 2008 as an EAP Counsellor. Mr. Quamina is now trained in Critical Incident Stress Management at the advanced level as well as Mediation. He has always loved working in the fields associated with the Helping Professions as his work experience reveals. Counselling is just another avenue that Mr. Quamina has explored in fulfilling that passion. He is of the firm belief that there is a solution to every problem, no matter how serious it might be. Mr. Quamina is an avid sports fan of both cricket and football. When he is not ‘on the clock’ as a counsellor, he can be found engaging in his favourite pastime, cooking. He is guided by the mantra ‘To work is to worship’ and clients can expect to be greeted by a dedicated and experienced professional when interacting with him.

Damali Jeremiah M.S. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, B.S. Psychology and Management, International MBA

Damali Jeremiah holds a BSc. in Psychology and Management from the University of the West Indies, a Masters degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the Emporia State University and an International MBA from the Arthur Lok Jack School of Business.

Ms. Damali Jeremiah's career path prior to counselling involved the field of Human Resources, Research and Management. The skills acquired in these areas provided the solid foundation on which she was able to become as EAP Counsellor. Her transition into counselling involved advancing her skill set to include developing employee training, improving employee motivation, addressing employee work attitudes and counterproductive behaviour. Ms. Jeremiah is of the firm belief that once someone is psychologically comfortable, other facets of life will follow suit and this is the reason why supporting persons emotionally is so important to her. Ms. Jeremiah’s ultimate goal is to empower individuals that turn to her for emotional support via counselling and reassure them of their worth. Her clients’ well-being is of utmost importance. Ms. Jeremiah has a strong interest in honing the practice of spiritual ideals and is led by the following words, “For God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.”

Specialty area: Industrial/Organisational Psychology
Industrial/Organisational Psychology is the application of the methods and principles of psychology to the workplace. Industrial/Organisational Psychology seeks to examine issues of critical relevance to indi-viduals, organisations and teams to generate greater productivity, higher quality client service and overall organisational success. Industrial/Organisational Psychology aims to maximise employee and organisational potential. Industrial/Organisational Psychology focus areas for the employee can be employee involvement and empowerment, motivation and job satisfaction. Additionally, focus areas for the organisation include workplace health, work-life programmes, strategic planning and job design & evaluation.

Timothy Charran M.S. Counselling Psychology, B.S. Psychology

“Since I was in primary school, I always had a passion for helping others. My friends felt confident and comfortable confiding in me and helping my friends through any ordeal they were experiencing made me feel as though I can help make the world a better place just by helping one person at a time.”

Mr. Timothy Charran has always had a desire to help others in need of emotional support and the field of Psychology has afforded him the opportunity to do just that. He began pursuing Psychology soon after completing CXC and has since honed his skills in providing emotional support. Mr. Charran has pursued additional training in Human Resources Management, Business Management, Project Management for the Public Sector, Mind and Mindfulness Counselling Techniques, Suicide Interventions and Parenting Skills. Bereaved clients find support through his grief therapy and crisis treatment approaches. He is versed in clinical skills to boost mental and emotional health for clients who suffer from mental distress. He is passionate about helping society to return to the days of the village raising the child, leaving your front door open without fear and knowing that your neighbours are looking out for you. Mr. Charran is of the belief that the client is the expert in his/her own life and that his role is to assist them in becoming more self-aware in an attempt to understand and cope with emotions, stressors and negativity. Mr. Charran remains committed to serving diverse groups of people by mentoring and motivating them into having a more positive attitude geared towards embracing life. He embraces life by staying active through hobbies such as swimming and hiking and looks to the following words as a reminder to be continuously mindful of oneself in the present;

“All his life as he looked the the horizon...never his mind on where he was...what he was doing...”. - (Yoda)

J'elle Valdez M.Ed. Counselling Psychology, B.S. Psychology

J'elle Valdez is a psychotherapist who has been counselling professionally since 2012. During her studies Ms. Valdez specialized in Community Counselling/Clinical Mental Health Counselling and also completed training related to psychological and emotional trauma. She has acquired experience working in the Public Sector as a psychologist attached to the Secondary Schools Guidance Unit and her private sector experience was gained in her role as the Project Coordinator of an NGO. Throughout her life Ms. Valdez was always a good listener and helping others gave her a sense of fulfilment. It is because of this natural affinity for helping others that counselling is her chosen field. Her passion for helping people be happy has fuelled her drive to assist persons with emotional and interpersonal development issues through therapy. Ms. Valdez’s easy-going personality will ensure that clients feel comfortable, safe and at ease while interacting with her.

Karen Moore Ph.D. in Psychology from Birkbeck College, University of London

Dr. Karen Moore is a Clinical Child Psychologist with over twenty years’ experience working with children, adolescents and families. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Birkbeck College, University of London, and a degree of Respecialisation in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology. Her work experience includes private practice, teaching and thesis supervision at graduate level and extensive work with NGOs.

Dr. Moore’s areas of specialty include play therapy, trauma, child abuse and parenting issues. She is a trained facilitator of the Becoming a Love and Logic Parent programme and is working towards certification in Conscious Discipline, a brain-based method of working with troubled children.

Dr. Moore has also done specialised trauma training: Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprogramming (EMDR) Levels 1 and 2; Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) and Progressive Counting. She is part of the Franciscan Institute Trauma Response Team, a group of professionals formed in 2012 and dedicated to responding to natural and man-made disasters nationally and regionally. She was involved in the response to Hurricane Ivan in Grenada in 2004 and to the 2008 massacres in Lusignan and Bartica in Guyana.

Dr. Moore is a past President of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Psychologists (TTAP) and is currently the Chair of the Conference Committee of TTAP.

Coral Smith-Alleyne Master of Education degree in Counselling Psychology

Coral Smith-Alleyne has been a qualified Counsellor for almost 21 years, having graduated from the University of Houston, Texas in May 1996 with a Master of Education degree in Counselling Psychology. She was persuaded to change careers after spending a total of eight years as a Secondary school teacher and Dean of Students. During these eight years Mrs. Smith-Alleyne interacted with students and parents to address social issues and family relationships which were having a profound negative impact on the students’ lives as well as on their ability to realize their fullest potential as human beings and productive citizens. After intensive soul-searching Mrs. Smith-Alleyne concluded that she might be more effective interacting with students, parents and other persons from a psychological perspective, hence her decision to pursue post-graduate studies in the field of Psychological Counselling.

After 7 years of counselling practice, Mrs. Smith-Alleyne made a decision to specialize in the area of EAP work. This was influenced by her working relationship with PEAPSL and her understanding of the importance of the employer/employee relationship to the successful operation of any organization. This led her to earn her qualification as a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP).

After many years of interacting with clients Mrs. Smith-Alleyne is passionate about doing the best possible job of assisting persons to better understand how they can become experts in their own psychological well-being by getting to know how their world view can positively or negatively determine outcomes in their daily lives. Each session is a combination of listening and psychoeducation.

In 2008, with the aim of enhancing her skills in the area of EAP practice, Mrs. Smith-Alleyne enrolled at St. Edward’s Catholic University in Austin, Texas, to pursue a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership and Ethics. She graduated in 2010 feeling better equipped to effectively intervene in organizational issues impacting productivity and morale in the workplace.

Coral currently practices professionally as a Student Counselor at UWI St. Augustine as well as an Affiliate Counselor with PEAPSL from her private practice at Orange Grove Road Trincity. She derives immense satisfaction from the wide variety of clients with whom she interfaces on a daily basis.

Dr. Gregson C Francis Ph.D Social Work, Master of Arts in Counselling, Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Dr. Gregson Claude Francis has spent the last 20 years serving individuals and families in three primary settings—pastoral, clinical counselling and academic environments. He is a graduate of the Morgan State University with a Ph.D. in the Social Work and possesses both local and international counselling experience where he has helped individuals and families with various medical and mental health related challenges.

Prior to this course of study, he obtained a Master of Arts, Counselling and Bachelors of Arts, Theology from the Caribbean Nazarene College (Trinidad, W.I.) and also pursued post-Masters coursework at Loyola University, in the State of Maryland, USA. During his years of matriculation, Dr. Francis served as a counsellor intern at the Medical Social Work Department at Mount Hope Hospital in Trinidad and at the Tobago Hospital, Psychiatric Social work Department. In 2014, he obtained certification as a National Certified Counsellor (NCC) and was licensed to practice as a Graduate Counsellor (LGPC) in the State of Maryland. In 2015, he was certified by Employees Assistance Professional Association (EAPA) as an Employee Assistance Specialist, Clinician (EAS-C).

Dr. Francis has also acquired and utilized distinct skills to provide evidence-based community practice to individuals, couples, families, and various groups. As a Mediator he utilizes an inclusive mediation model to assist families in addressing and resolving conflicts. Dr. Francis is well prepared to provide career guidance counselling for dependents, based on his experience gained at the Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA), Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) and Upward Bound (UB) at Morgan State University (Baltimore, Maryland, USA). Through these programs, he provided career guidance, academic guidance and personal counselling to Pre-college and College Students.

Sessions with Dr. Francis leaves the clients with the satisfaction of being heard. He desires his clients to remember him as a deeply committed, compassionate and insightful individual who is squarely focused on their well-being. Utilizing his professional training and experiences, he endeavors to provide insight so that each client feels empowered to live his/her best quality of life, for themselves and for those within their various communities.

His choice of entertainment includes sporting activities such as basketball, tennis and golf. He enjoys reading books with self-help topics and those that address issues in society, centered on a character that overcame.

Clinical Department